Home Based Businesses

The Internet is the ideal model for your store. A web site gives you a world-wide outlet. Give your store the chance to grow like many of the currently large Internet businesses. Give your business a global boost.

~~ The Internet is the window the world will use to look inside.

Professional Services

Doctors, lawyers, CPA's, Dentist, etc. can benefit from a web presence.

  • Post your qualifications
  • Advertise your business
  • Provide useful information
  • Describe your business specialty
  • Display accepted insurance plans

~~ Let your customers find your business and showcase your practice.

Churches, Charities, and Non-Profits

Let the Internet help you to continue your valuable work.

  • Display your message
  • Showcase your services
  • Post meeting and fund raising information
  • Display maps and directions
  • Important phone numbers
  • Allow people to relay messages to you

~~ Let the Internet be a very important part of your organization.


Increase your store traffic with a custom web site design. Enlarge your customer base. Allow your customers to view your store and shop from the convenience of their home.

Keep customers informed of new products, sales and specials. Easily maintain a dynamic store. Increase your sales by being on the web.

~~ Display a map and directions to your store. Post store information like hours and phone number.